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Has anyone replaced a Bosch VP-44 Injection pump?

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I had the symptoms... hard starting when hot.  I replaced the lift pump last year and installed a low pressure gauge, but it did not fix the problem.  So I bought an injection pump and upgraded my lift pump from stock to a 100 gph unit.  What a tough job that turned out to be.  Bloody knuckles every day for a week.  All the Youtube videos were for Dodge Cummins, same engine, but there is no big air compressor and hydraulic pump crammed against the injection pump. Not to mention having to climb inside the engine compartment. So I really had no idea of what I was getting into. I had to fab a bracket for the new lift pump.  I have the VP-44 and the Airdog installed, but I still want to replace the belt tensioner, water pump and t-stat.  I will update when I finally get it running.









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Yeah, that looks like the nightmare I'm trying to avoid by installing the FASS fuel system on mine.  I have an ISC engine and yours is ISB but I imagine they are horribly similar.  I still smell like diesel fuel . . . .

Good luck with the rest of it. 

- bob

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All parts arrived and installed.  I finally started the engine today.  I followed the instructions on Thoroughbred Diesel's website and cracked open the fuel return banjo line on the VP44 and primed up to and including the VP44. I was anxious about purging the fuel lines to the injectors, but it turned out to be pretty easy.  I cracked open all lines except 2 (blocked by air horn) I don't think I cranked the engine more than 30 seconds, and it evened out and ran smoothly in about a minute.  Good to have done it in case I ever run out of fuel.

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