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06 Monaco Camelot Warning Alarm?

Ted Carbonaro

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I've recently purchased our 2006 Monaco Camelot 40PAQ. When turning the ignition key to ACC the LOW AIR alarm sounds until adequate air pressure builds then shuts off. But I now have a second alarm when ignition is in ACC or with engine running or off. There are no associated warning lights lit on dash. With ignition switch at ACC for air dump there are now two warning alarms sounding. When air pressure alarm shuts off, I still have the second alarm sounding regardless of engine running or off. 

Does anyone know what this second alarm is?

Thanks, Ted and Nancy C

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Ted, this is just a shot in the dark, but when we purchased our 2007 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 4 years ago we had an alarm when the jacks were retracted indicating the jacks were still deployed.  We had the reservoir and float valve replaced, no alarm since then.  Apparently the float valve was made of styrofoamand over the years it became saturated with hydraulic fluid causing it to sink indicating low fluid.  Hope this helps.

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