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King Cruise Control

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My 1997 coach uses the King Cruise/Throttle, 2600, system which I had rebuilt a couple of months ago after it quit working.

Was shocked today to learn King Cruise has closed up shop per their web page.

There is no known easy replacement for this King 2600 or repair if needed.

Very concerning to me.

Safe Travels

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Fortunately, I had my King 2600 rebuilt earlier this year after it quit, after 22 years and has been working perfectly since.

If a salvage yard spare is located, repairs will not be available from the most knowledgeable source, Steve Boller.

While I am not effected (today) the future is certainly in question as to support for this product.

Am hopeful another company will undertake where Cruise King left off.

Thanks Steve Boller, for 16 years of supporting this product.

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