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Patio awning

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Well it seems my coach has a mind of its own.  My 2006 Monaco Camalot has decided to extend the patio awning during the night and I can't get it to retract.   I have no idea what caused it to extend,  but it did.  It's raining and I have covid and I'm fighting crazy issues.  How do I get my awning to retract? 

I apologize if this topic has been covered,  I've not found it yet and just maybe this crazy headache isn't helping.   Thank you for your patience with me and your help.   I'm learning alot from you all.  

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You should have a manual crank handle somewhere in your coach. It can be closed by hand. If you can’t do it yourself,get someone to help. Also I’d pull the fuse or disconnect the power to it until you’re able to get it fixed. I wish you a quick recovery. 

Jim 2000 Monaco Dynasty  2004 Jeep Liberty Toad

(Removed my Girard awning. Nothing but expensive  trouble. )


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