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How smart is this generation?

Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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3 hours ago, Chuck B 2004 Windsor said:

At the local grocery store check out I ask the young clerk if the chicken legs were the front legs or the rear legs.  She said, "let me go ask the store manager.

So True, now for the sad part. The generation that is complaining is likely the generation that raised the generation about which they are complaining. And I'm one of the ones who's guilty as charged!

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On 1/26/2022 at 6:30 PM, Fasthobie16 said:

And probably getting paid $15 to 20 a hour.

In 1965 the median grocery store pay was $1.65/hr, and the median new house was $21,500.  

Average pay nowadays for cashiers seems to be around $13-15/hr. Seems like a huge increase, right? Median new house is now $340,100, 15.8x higher than in 1965. While 15.8x that $1.65/hr would be $26/hr.  

In 1965 average new car price seems to be around $2600. In 2020 that hit $45000, a 17.3x increase. 

So while it may be blowing your minds that a grocery store worker might be making $15/hr, if their pay had kept with with a couple of the biggest expenses it would be $25+/hr. And if their pay had kept up with healthcare costs, it would be around $60/hr. 


On 1/26/2022 at 6:30 PM, Fasthobie16 said:

Good thing that clerk isn’t going to be a doctor.😳

It's entirely possible that "let me go ask the store manager" was cashier-speak for "I'm going to waste some time to make this dumbass person asking a dumbass question stand around a while". 

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