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Cabinet Door Support Strut

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Was really unhappy with the spring-loaded door struts that came with my coach and changed them all out for the "fancy" combo spring/hinge style that are continually failing.  Was at the Fort Myers RV show over the weekend and one of the "for sale" units had what looks like a superior support strut.  Does anyone know whether the grey one pictured is spring-loaded or pneumatic?  Source?  Nothing similar on eBay or Amazon.  It looks so much more robust than the OE struts that came with the coach.  I kept the old struts and hinges and will reinstall them unless I find something better.  Have found 6 1/4" pneumatic struts on Amazon but not sure whether they may be overkill...but perhaps promising.



Old style spring tube (removed long ago) and "newer" ones that constantly fail.



Adam, 2010 HR Neptune 37PBQ, 2019 Jeep Cherokee

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