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Battery change


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I would turn everything off that you are aware of.

Then in the battery bay there MAYBE a master cutoff switch.  Or a big fuse.

Disconnect or turn off the switch (if exists).

Take pictures of what cable goes on which terminals (important!)

Label them too!

Loosen the positive cable connector trying not to jiggle or remove the cable yet (no arcing, no voltage changes - if no master switch or fuse was turned off / disconnected).

Make sure you don't short your wrench to another battery post or ground!

Pull the Positive cable off the battery closest to the  wiring harness that connects the batteries to the RV in one clean movement.

Pull the Negative off the ground cable.

Remove rest of battery interconnects.

Remove batteries.


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When messing with batteries I always disconnect grounds first, if the wrench hits bare metal, you shouldn't have a short that way.   You can also wrap your wrench in electrical tape or heat shrink to help avoid shorting anything.   That's a trick for tight spaces mainly, where you have to take the positive off first.   Good luck and lift with your legs. not your back!

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All good points.  And just a reminder . . . the + cable from chassis battery to starter is always live, no matter the position of the cutoff switch.  This makes removing - cables first another good idea. 

And this is the time to clean out the battery bay from all that corrosive "dust".

- bob


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