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New TV over the J-sofa


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Following the installation of the recliner/theater seat post, it became apparent we were going to need the TV right across from the seats.  When we find a decent replacement for the J-sofa we will install a TV lift behind the sofa.  Until now, I built a shelf that slips over the window box.  TV is secured to the shelf so the whole thing can be put in the closet if we want to use the j-sofa bed.  It's very solid and I used a piece of 3/4" PVC down from the upper cabinet to keep the TV from tipping forward.  I also ran two HDMI cords through the upper cabinets and installed an HDMI outlet under the cabinet.  It's not the ultimate solution but it will work great for now.




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Nice mod. I too had plans to remove the J sofa and install a lift tv. Instead I put a 1080p led projector in the cabinet over the theater seats and a projector screen attached to the slide trim over the J. We mostly stream or watch DVD. TV in bed room if we want local OTA/News.

This was initially planned as temp solution but we love it. Screen is 80" 16x9. Very little weight. Every night can be movie night!

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