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Brakes pulling, honking like a goose

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My 2005 HR Scepter has some brake issues.  Some history:  When I step on the brakes, sometimes they honk like a goose.  Faster, harder application of the brakes honks louder.  An IRV2 forum discussion of a similar issue identified the problem as a quick release valve or exhaust port, but the discussion was for a noise when the brakes were released, not applied.  It could be the same issue and solution – I don’t know.  I have lived with it for more than a year as it didn’t seem to cause a problem and the IRV2 discussion implied it was only a sound issue and not dangerous (they said replacing the air brake valve solved the noise issue).  But I didn’t realize until now that I have noise on applying the brakes, the IRV2 discussion talked about noise when releasing the brake pedal.

 Lately (6 to 8 months, 4000 miles) the brakes have started pulling to the right – sometimes a lot, sometimes minimally, when I apply them.  It pulls more the harder the brakes are applied.  You can feel it through the steering wheel that it is the front brakes/wheels causing the pulling issue.  But driving is still quite manageable.  Maybe if there is less honking noise they pull less, not sure about that.  The coach has disk front brakes, so slack adjusters aren’t the problem as it doesn’t have them.  I don’t know it the honking noise is even related to the pulling issue.  I am stymied, and could sure use some advice.

 I would appreciate any feedback the forum can offer.


 Dave Jones

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49 minutes ago, BobWalters said:

2006  Scepter, same sound, doesn't seem like an issue.  Stops straight, on a dime.... 

I felt the same way about the honk, and doubt that it is causing the pulling to the right, but wanted to detail the whole situation in case someone else sees it differently.  Thanks for the response.


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Dave: I have had a similar problem in the past. I have noticed it mostly when it has sat for an extended period of time with it either raining or in humid conditions. I typically have always used the exhaust brake and therefore rarely have to use the front brake. I have started using the front brake more and the exhaust brake less and it has helped and basically cured my problem. Not sure if you have the same problem but it could help. It could be that rust has started to form on the pads?

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