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Sheppard M80 Steering on 2000 Dip.

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Most of the conversion boxes, Sheppard to TRW, go through a contact person at the home office of Weller Truck Parts. His name is Brent.

I worked with him too get my TRW box shipped to Weller in Tampa FL. They delivered it to Josam's who did the swap for me. They sent the Sheppard back to Weller. Once they received it they gave me a core refund for the old box.

Craig French, a member here, did all of the research on this topic.

Here is a recent thread on this same topic.


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 I just had my m80  rebuilt they dont have a replacement for the m80 only the m100 and it should be a tas65 66003  pitman arm is 84263202 but double check with Weller I just had my m80 rebuilt yesterday in the process of installing it now

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On 2/9/2022 at 12:55 PM, Robert U said:

I need cross number for a TRW steering box to replace Sheppard box. I am broke down in South Carolina. Have cracked Steering box

Bob U 2000 Dip

I had to replace a leaking Sheppard steering gear box on my pervious coach 2001 Imperial.

 Bought it from NAPA.

If you need the napa number, let me know

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