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Anybody who does their own oil changes use the Costco heavy diesel oil? At less than $10 a gallon it seems pretty reasonable but have not heard much about it in big motors. 

Definitely not worth the money saved if it cannot protect the big ISX!!



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FYI - motor oils are heavily regulated by the feds so look at the specs on the containers and compare. Often different brands come from the same place. I used to work for a Shell packaging facility where motor oil and grease were blended and packaged. We did mostly 5 gal. pails and 55 gal drums (for commercial sale and application). You would regularly see Shell containers followed by off brands move seamlessly down the line without change. Both brands would have the same specs (ie: 10W30). That said, the major difference between big brands and off brands is often just that the big brand may have additional additives or branded additives such as Textron addatives in Chevron products. Mostly the difference in cost is because of marketing.

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Not exactly on topic, but here’s an anecdote that might be useful.
I'm not an expert on lubricant technology, but I work with laboratories and quality management in industrial manufacturing, including major manufacturers of base oils. One company I deal with is a blending and packaging company that formulates lubricants and other fluids for a broad spectrum of brand names and OEMs. Big oil doesn't really makes their own lubes; the name brands develop additive packages, pay for the certification of final product lubricants and then outsource the manufacturing/packaging. 

My boss was concerned about supply chain issues impacting the availability of his normal Rotella lubricants and asked me to inquire about a suitable alternative. Lots of potential confidentiality issues, so no specifics are discussed with these folks… but when I asked about diesel lubricants, they expressed approval of Rotella and suggested Exxon products as alternative. 
The base oils are a commodity, but additive packs are proprietary. 


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