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low air lite


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just got this 2004 Monaco dynasty this is a fixer upper now with our country delema I have time to work on this. my low air lite dosent go off even at 130 lbs at first it would go off at 120lbs now not at all I have unhooked one wire to pressure switch below air break .with air  pumped up lite still on the  I jumpered the switch lite still on is there another pressure switch that I am missing also I never had a alarm

I am learning a lot . very nice unit just needs TLC . I am not having any luck coming up with a wiring diagram trying to find out where aux air comp is fuse at and if I can shut it off . in process of replacing the unit .unit. going to order a viar model 450 c . I don't have a auto button on air leveler.when I am driving down the road my travel lite goes out and red lite lite comes on a lot on bumpy roads . can I manually ajust  the air while I am driving so that dosent happen as often ,what causes that? still looking for my door bell but I haven't gave up. thank you stay safe.






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I'll give it my best guess since our coaches are of different vintage. I have at least 2 pressure sensors, one up front on the outside of firewall (as I nderstand, this might be the one you mentioned) and an other one down on the parking brake switch. The light and buzzer should quit at around 90PSI. Our buzzer is behind the gauge cluster just sitting on top of the firewall shelf.

If your aux compressor is from HWH, it is powered directly from the control box through an inline fuse on the power lead right by the compressor. In my case it is a glass fuse in the old style twist holder.

I had travel lite go out and auto leveling light come on and it was caused by a bad momentary switch on the touch pad. Many different problems are caused by the cable connector on back of the touch pad being loose or the other side of the cable at the controller. I had both happen to me. If you have a bad momentary switch on the touchpad, they are easy to replace if you have any sort of soldering skills. I replaced all of them already since some were funky.

I have up and down button on leveling system but only use it to get through obstacles at a croll. Would not use it at speed, could be catastrophic for the ujoints and who knows what else.

Hope some of this will help.

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