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Leaking Power Steering

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I have a 2005 Monaco Diplomat DST.  After returning from our last trip, I noticed a large puddle of fluid under my steering housing.  I thought it was a broken hydraulic hose or the power steering pump.  But after wiping everything down and refilling with fluid, it appears to be leaking lower down, somewhere in the steering housing.  Does the housing contain fluid?  Also does anyone know the part number for the housing assembly, where I can acquire one, and anyone in the Houston area who can come to my inside storage and remove the old one and install a new one?  Thanks in advance for any help.  5 years ago I could have done this myself, but so much today.

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Not sure if this helps much but last year my steering box was leaking. I live in the Kansas City area couldn’t find anybody to repair it. Just happen to be taking a trip to Tampa. Dropped it off at steering repair solutions they fixed it in about an hour and a half. 

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