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Lost power to Galley lights on 2007 Knight 38 ft PDQ - Need help tracing it out


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I was replacing the light above the sink in my 2007 Knight and all of a sudden the power went out to the two sets of lights in this slide.  I figured I blew a fuse.  Checked the interior house fuse panel (jpeg attached) and found no problems.   It is fuse10 "Galley Lights 14 Gage red/blk wire.  Then I started tracing the power out.  behind the fuse panel the blk/red wire is red only (like someone painted the first few inches of it.  I verified that is the same wire by piercing it with a needle point and continuity testing back to fuse 10.

Then under my galley sink I found the disconnect and pulled it apart and traced the wire from the 12 connection plug with continuity checking to the lights.  The wire coming in is a 10 Gage red wire (not what left the fuse panel).  Where is the bus (or junction box) that switched it to 10 Gage.  When I try continuity checking back to fuse 10, I get nothing.  I traced it back to behind my hot water tank where it goes through a wall and then can't find the harness again.

So, in summary, 12 volts comes out of fuse 10 and goes out on a 14 gage red wire.  Under the sink there is a 10 gage red wire with no power and no continuity back to the fuse panel.  Anyone have an idea of where the switch is?

Let me know what other info is needed.  I downloaded a bunch of drawings from this site and it does have a lot of info.  Looking at the drawing attached, I'm guessing that 4 prong plug that goes to the bath, galley, cosmetic and read overhead is circuit/wiring harness P423? (each of the 6 plug-ins have a number by them)  Does anyone have visibility to that wiring harness?




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Just to update... I found the problem/fuse today.  Under the driver's seat there is an outside compartment with chassis fuses.  I decided to check all 71 fuses.  Under the section heading "Switched House" which includes drivers power seat, storage lights, Map Light, etc... I found fuse #50 PASS S/O PWR.  It is a 15 amp fuse that was blown. Replaced it and that fixed it. I guess it makes sense in hind sight.  It is the passenger side slide where the galley is.

The main house fuse panel in the back bedroom labeled Galley has nothing to do with the Galley lights.

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