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12 volt relay under driver seat


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12 volt dash fan relay and 12 volt electrical panel under drivers seat. my dash ac/heat didnt work and traced it down to no power to the relay under ignitoin one we put a jumper wire in the relay and the fan now works, so my question is does any one have a diagram of the back of the 12 volt electrical box or is there a fuse or breaker to that relay

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What year of rig do you have?

in my 2000 Dynasty there is a continuous relay back in the rear electrical panel (connected to the salesman switch) that relay sends power to the front panel. That relay went bad,  Causing my fans to not work.

Replaced the continuous relay in the back, and everything started working. 

good luck!

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Then that is probably a different issue than mine was. I didn’t have power to fans (and some other stuff). Or Monaco changed the wiring  

is your relay bad - probably not ?

what year is your rig? If you post all the details maybe someone with a close year can help more. 

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