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Do you know what these are ?

Mike Farquharson

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Using some velcro in various places around the edges we use them in our mobility scooter baskets. Works great for the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. 

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And the really "GOOD" tech guys would give you thier cell phone # to call when you had an issue that you really needed help with.  The P R was exceptional. Customer was not a word on a screen or a text message. Real people doing great things because they wanted to.  Back then when you ordered a New Monaco Coach at a Monaco Int'l. Pre Rally to a FMCA Rally, thier name was placed in a drawing for prizes of Discount Certificates of, 1K, 5K and one at 10K$. We won the 5k$ one at a rally we ordered our 07 Executive at. 

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