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Air Admittance Valve

Scotty Hutto

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6 minutes ago, Jdw12345 said:

I guess I’m going to have to ask what this is for?

No worries!

The plumbing in our coaches only have one relief stack.  All of the sinks have an air admittance valve under them (somewhere nearby) to allow air behind water so it drains easily.  You know they’ve gone bad when you can *smell* your gray water tank inside the coach.  🤣

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I had a bad grey tank smell and replaced 3 air admittance valves with the Studor Mini-vent Air admittance Valve # 20341.
No help.  Tanks are empty, smell is unbearable.  Owned the coach 7 years and never had any problems.
What else can I do?

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