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Vibrating roof unit

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Last night when i went to bed i set the roof heat pumps on, the one for the salon operated on an off all night and it stayed comfortable all night. This morning as i got up for coffee i noticed when the fan came on there was a balance problem coming from the front unit. It got quite cold last night (36 degrees), never having operated the heat pumps this long before im wondering if this is normal from use in the cold or perhaps i broke off a blade from the fan or ? Im still camping so i have not done any investigation yet and my furnace is working great.

My units are the Penguin duo therms

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The motors are supported by rubber bushings. 

Back in ~2015 the front AC started to pull higher amps so I found a new motor and changed, I found the same thing there, the bushings were wore out so bad it let the motor move around and sometimes the fan blade would hit on the metal shroud of the condensor.  Replaced the motor which came with now rubber mounts. All was good. 

Last year my wife took the rig for a trip to a dog show and when she came back that one day the rear AC unit started making noise but then quit.  So I tore into and found the rubber bushings had wore out and let the motor contact the support metal.  Lots of play, I could move the motor around pretty easy.   I was going to replace the motor due to age  I could not find a motor, fan blade or other parts,.  The units are so old parts are pretty much obsolete.  I did find new bushings so I bought and replaced them and put everything back together.  Unit worked fine,,,, BUT!

But the more I though about it the more I realized that the AC units wouldn't last much longer.  Found a good deal (I think) on two new 15K unit AC W/Heat pump at PPL.  so I bought them and a new Microair thermostat.  I guess the $3K I spent just gives me piece of mind. 


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Just from my experience with dirt or mud dobber whatever you call them.  I was a surprise to me on my truck I filled it up with gas burned the tank out that day stopped at my wacation home the next morning left and when I opened the gas cap door there was a dobber nest built that night on the cap.... that's in like 9 hours...

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