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06 Monaco Camelot; Upgrade original IRD??? CHARGING ISSUES

Ted Carbonaro

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Has anyone replace the original Isolator Relay Delay? Burnt diode on board. House batteries not charging while driving. Seller added the Bi-Directional Isolator Relay Delay Delay, but I'm still having charging issues. Currently I have the IRD unplugged and only the GROUND & COACH BAT wire connected and I charge the house batteries with generator or shore power. With B-Directional Isolator Relay Delay; IGNITION & SOLENOID wires connected, I seem to have intermittent problems, including FAULT setting on my MAGNUM ENERGY panel.  Any suggestions?


Thanks, Ted C

IMG_3388 (002).jpg

IMG_3389 (002).jpg

IMG_3392 (002).jpg

IMG_3393 (002).jpg

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"U1" looks like 3 pins, guessing it's a voltage regulator.  R1 is completely missing.  R2 could be damaged, hard to tell.  The area above D1 is suspect also, but a simple continuity check could verify it.  If someone contributed the numbers off their working board you have a chance at repair.  Maybe beef up wattage on R1. 

- bob


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23 hours ago, waterskier_1 said:

Save yourself a lot of problems & likely money by getting this:   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001VIXLRO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1&pldnSite=1

   - Rick N. 


If it is not a simple fix, what Rick says, and supported by many, the BlueSeas ACR is the way to go.

To answer your question, the previous owner of my '06 Windsor had updated the IRD, to BIRD.  See pic. 

I had a recent similar issue, but my problem was with the Trombetta Charging Solenoid in my rear electrical bay.  I was able to make a simple fix and everything now working.  But I was ready to go the BlueSeas ACR route.   Your issue seems a bit more involved.



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I had the same thing on my 09 Cayman.

The original board (MT970) was still available from MegaTech of Oregon a few months ago. It seems like it was a little over $100.

I just found it on Ebay for $50.00! MegaTech of Oregon Monaco Board 16624716

I actually wired in the Bird-2 shown in your picture. It seems to be working.

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