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Coach locking itself?


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Has anyone experienced the keyless entry system locking the coach on it's own before?  Over the weekend I went out to my 04 Windsor and the door handle and compartments were all locked (they never are at home).  I dug out the hidden key and got in the coach.  They two key fobs normally live in the cabinet over the door so I thought maybe I accidentally hit one of them rummaging in the cabinet.

I unlocked the coach and went on about my business.  

Two days later I go out and the coach is locked again!  Both door handle and the compartments.  

Coach is plugged in and chassis batteries are charged so I'm ruling out low voltage.  Also ruled the wife out, she wasn't anywhere near the coach.  The exterior keypad has never worked.

This time I brought the key fobs in the house and I'll monitor the coach over the next few days.

Any suggestions?  The fob batteries were new last summer but I'll replace them just to be safe.

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I had the same  problem on my 05 Beaver and it turned out to be a bad relay in the front bay under the drivers seat. The relay was clearly identified on the sticker on the door. After replacing the relay I have not had a problem since -  and that was about 6 months and 6,000 miles ago. 

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I had the same problem on my 2004 Windsor.  It takes two conditions for a number on the outside key pad to activate the pad.  Pressure and heat from your finger pushing the button.  Depending on use and time, the material behind the button will remain in it's pushed condition keeping that number activated with the push pressure.  All that is left to do is the heat from the sun shining on the keypad.  You will need to replace the keypad.  

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