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air parking break

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I checked my chassis wiring schematic.

The park brake light signal come from the park brake itself, I wonder if there is a problem there?

There is also some interaction from the park brake to the DRL relay, I think it shuts your lights off when the park brake is set.   You might try unplugging this relay and see if the lights go out.

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Shortly after we bought our 2006 Endeavor I started the engine and prepared to leave for a short trip to the dealership. When I released the parking brake and put the transmission in D, the alarm starting beeping. I put shifted to N and reset the brake. Tried again, same result. I tried releasing the brake pedal to see if the brake was actually set or the alarm was faulty.

I found the problem after some time was spent troubleshooting. The first was the material of the panel where the release valve was mounted. Over time, the panel had weakened and small I noticed some small cracks. The second was an intermittent Nason switch. The valve portion of the assembly was fine, but the cracked panel would flex and not allow the actuator to open the switch on the bottom of the valve when the brake was released.

A friend and I fashioned a metal mounting plate for the brake release that spread the pressure over a much larger area. That corrected the problem.

My suggestion would be to check the mounting  panel to see if it is sturdy. If so, then pull that panel out and test the switch. You can get a replacement valve/switch assembly from Veurink's in Grand Rapids, MI if that is the culprit.

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For air actuated parking brakes the warning light switch is an air pressure switch sometimes mounted directly to the dashboard brake valve. Part could be FSC 2749-2108 or FSC 1749-2134 equivalent.

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