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Lower Compartment TV Mount

Bob Jones

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I finally got around to installing a flip down TV mount in my lower compartment. Prior to that the TV was sitting on one of the blue plastic boxes meaning every time I had to get into that box I had to move the TV. 

It worked out really well and was cheap & easy. About $50 CAD for the mount. It's a great little TV so I did not want to get rid of it even though I don't use if often. When it's down it can be turned 45 degrees in either direction which is handy if the sun is on it. 

This is one I used VIVO Manual Flip Down Ceiling Mount for 13 to 27 inch Flat Screens, Folding Tilt Pitched Roof and Under Cabinet Mounting for LCD TV and Monitors, MOUNT-M-FD27



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10 minutes ago, Bob Jones said:

I put a link to it with description in the post above.

Great!!! Thank you

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We did this. August, 2006. Optimum usage of the complete basement compartment. One of the many advantages of not having a curbside front slide. Complete utilization of patio area and access to basement compartments.

20007 Exec Exterior 015.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 017.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 016.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 014.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 013.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 012.JPG

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