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Dometic Programmable Thermostat Error Codes


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The previous owner had this thermostat installed.  It has 4 zones.  Ive noticed an intermittent error on Zone 3 and Zone 4. 

The error code is E7  "Loss of 120 VAC power module boards on the system.  They system will shut down."

I've powered off the thermostat, wait 3 or 4 minutes, and powered up and then the error will go away.

In some cases this will happen to zone 4, sometimes zone 3 & 4.  

Zone 3&4 operate the same AC unit.  The operate seperate Hydro Hot radiator zones.  They appear to operate the Hyro Hot zones properly.  

We are in connected to good  50amp service.  No issues 

Anyone experience similar issues?   Not sure where to start troubleshooting. 




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Yes, I've had this problem and I think my coach would be like yours with a 5 button thermostat.  What I found on my coach was that Monaco did not properly program the dip switches inside the roof AC units and in the hidden control unit for zone 4 located in the false wall behind the thermostat.  Once the DIP switch are properly programmed for zones 1 through 4, and the thermostat is reset, I was able to operate each of the 3 AC units separately on zones 1, 2, and 3.  Zone 4 was for aquahot heat only in the bath.  Note, the AC unit zones must be the first 3 zones and any aquahot zones then follow.  That's why the bath aquahot is zone 4. 

See page 17 in the attached file on how to program the zones and how to do a thermostat reset when finished zone programming.


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Thank you Frank!   The link  you attached is for the wiring diagram downloads, which I have downloaded the 98 files.  Can you please advsie which one I should reference for the page 17 information?


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