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Location of Build Sheet


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2004 Monaco Monarch

There is supposed to be a "Build Sheet" posted some where in the coach.  I've looked for it but have not located it.  Can anyone give me some hints where I should it might be located?


Lee Cline
2004 Monaco Monarch - Ford F53 - V10
2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ - Toad


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As Bob and Rick said, contact Monaco or REV, but don't rely too heavily on the build sheet. I got mine from REV(only thing posted in coach was weight information) but it has several errors. It listed build items that were options, so not installed and did not contain options that were installed.


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SCORE - on the build sheet.

The rest of the story...

First, Thanks everyone for their responses!  Based on your encouragement I went looking again and found the plastic sleeve in the back closet where the build sheet should have been - but it was not in there - OH NO!  Now what? 

Based on "Land Lubber's" comment I went looking, for the third time, through the literature file the PO, the original owner, had with the rig.  He had seemed to keep everything so if there was a copy in the original documentation it would make sense that it was in there.  And sure enough, in very back of the 6" literature folder, folded in two, tucked all the way down to the bottom of the folder, were TWO copies of the build sheet.  I'm guessing one from the closet sleeve and the one that was in the documentation to begin with.

Now I can orders some replacement keys for my storage bay doors.

Thanks again for all your input.

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