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So after 2 months of dealing with this leaking pto problem I am still dealing with it.

Picked up coach, new to me, drove it home through the night. Next day notice oil grim covering the back of the coach. Start it up and see a small drip (very small). Figure out its the PTO, pull it off and send it to be rebuilt. Once they get it we have a few more delays and blah blah blah they call me and start asking the history. Well one of the previous owners converted the greaseable shaft to a wet kit, and they did a poor job. They used plugs to seal up some of the holes and a few other things. Anyway it was going to be another 5 weeks after the 7 I had already waited for the right parts to come in to make the wet kit work. He said they could turn it back to a grease set up and have it out the next day. So I said yes, we do not full time and the coach will be lucky to see 3k or 5k miles a year. So hitting it with a pump or grease every 40 hours of use is no big deal to  me.

Got the pto back yesterday, got it mounted back on, snugged everything up and fired her up. Had a very small seep. Shut it down and went around the 8 bolts again and 3 of them took another half a turn. Got back around to the top and was on the last one when I heard the pop. I looked under it and it cracked at the flange, so small seep turned into big seep.

Took it to a local hydro shop, they feel like they can take it apart and braze it back up. I went a got a new metal gasket, I had reused the old one, not sure if that was part of the problem or not. Anyway fingers crossed that it can be repaired, if not I will be on the hunt for a 267 pto.

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5 minutes ago, Cubflyer said:

So I'm lost and confused..... how is a PTO used on a motorhome?  A bush hog or tiller attachment??? Honestly do not understand....

The PTO is used to power hydraulic pump on some coaches that I know of. 

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I also had issues with PTO leaks.  Ours leaked where the hydraulic pump flange bolted up.  I could see orange sealant where they had tried to repair it previously.

I used two new gaskets with Ultra Grey sealer and that fixed that one.  Then one of the high-pressure lube lines had a hole rubbed in it. Our local NAPA made up a new high-pressure hose and that solved that issue.  

The reason this system gets overtaxed is the Sauer Danfoss electronic fan controller malfunctions putting the coolant fan into a constant full speed mode.  This over works the entire hydraulic system.  

Hope you get yours fixed.

Link to PTO leak repair thread with pictures:  Hydraulic/Transmission oil leak - iRV2 Forums

Link to hydraulic pump rebuild: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/sauer-danfoss-hydraulic-pump-rebuild-455664.html#post4895665

Link to hydraulic fan controller issue (Fan Stuck Wide open):  http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/fan-stuck-wide-open-376611.html

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We had a similar issue with our 2005 Exec/Detroit, which is likely similar to the 2004 Sig. Ours was purportedly a wet spline from the start, though. Had that quarter-sized “marking my spot” leak. I took it to my local WWWilliams Allison shop and they replaced the seals before a trip to SoCal. First rest stop: bigger leak. A little online research located a place called “PTO Sales” in Fontana. Had them check it (they found that WWWilliams had also stuffed shop rags around the PTO to hide the leak), and they couldn’t fix it. Upon close examination, they found that the housing had a hairline crack. Ordered in a new one from Louisiana if I remember correctly. Never had another issue.

Bottom line: check to see if you can find a PTO specialist as opposed to a hydraulic shop. I would also try to get a replacement even with a braze repair, because who knows how long that’ll last.

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