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Information on places that buy good used working appliances

Debra Stout

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I'm new to this group & hope this is where I can get information on selling our motorhome appliances that we are replacing. Can anyone recommend a place that would purchase our used appliances? We are in the state of Florida. Thanks in advance. 

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6 hours ago, Scotty Hutto said:

You can also post them in our Classifieds section on this site, too!!

Where on this website do I find the classified ad area or is it this area that I'm responding in that I would post what I have for sale? Thanks in advance. 

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Go to the main page of the site:


scroll down to where you see “Classified Ads”, and select “Parts, Components, & Accessories for sale” 

from there, click on “Start new topic” 

Here’s a quick link:


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