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Hamsar Relays DRL and ?

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Hi Everyone: I’m new to the group and I want to say thank you to all of those here that have contributed to solving problems fellow owners have. For me it has been immensely helpful and I have downloaded and printed a binder of solutions I needed.  I have solved many of the coach’s issues, thus retaining my sanity through member’s experience, photos, suggestions and solutions.  


I purchased from fellow Monacoer,“halwoodsvt”, his 2001 Windsor. Hal kept the coach very well maintained, but there are many items that need to be addressed and the group’s archives has been great source of knowledge. So I have looked through the archives and I cannot find any comments on the second Hamsar relay which on my wiring diagram shows it as a 4 blade 6 volt relay.  Which brings me to the following question. There are four relays in my FRB that are wired to relay sockets. Facing the bay there are two on the left and two on the right. There is an empty 5-wire relay socket on the right just below the Hamsar relay.  The Hamsar has 5 blades and is currently plugged into the 4-wire socket.  I don’t think this is correct and I cannot find any information on the 6-volt Hamsar relay called out in the wiring diagram. Any part numbers would be helpful.  Thank you



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I have almost the same panel with one empty relay socket . You can call me at 918-284-6071 all my background is electrical.




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I just went through the same thing with my coach while I was trying to solve a problem.  Ultimately I took all the tape off each of the harnesses and looked at the wires, each wire has a label on it indicating what it was for.  Through trial and error and using my chassis wiring diagram I was able to identify each of the relays. 

I will try and take a good picture of what I have, I took the time to label them all to save any future aggravation. 

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Here's a picture of the 4 of the relays that I labeled. 

The top one is a brake sense relay for the transmission

The lower one is the Alt Fail relay

The lower right one  I labeled DLR which I think is normally used in Canada, this is empty. 

The fourth is on the left hand side of the panel and already had a label for Driving lights, this normally would connect the high beams and lower driving lights together but I removed the relay and used a jumper wire so now I can have the high beam lights on separate from the lower lights.   

FRB labeled relays.jpg

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Thank you all.  I think that perhaps the Hamsar relay is in the wrong socket being that it has 5 blades and is currently in the socket with 4 and 4 wires to it which is perhaps the Alternator fail relay. I think it belongs in the one with 5 wires going to it. (DRL?) I'm not sure, as there is no labeling. I guess Jim I have to remove the plastic cable tubes like you did to find out their function.  I don't need DRL but it is a nice function and from what I here necessary in Canada. Thanks for all your help, Steve

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Thanks Jim, could I please have the number/marking on the  ALT FAIL relay?

The schematics (mine and yours) show 2 Hamsar relays and I have only one and I'm thinking it should be in the socket with the 5 wires.

hamsar 2.png


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