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Warning light on 2000 Dip

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Somebody suggested that I get a SCAN GAUGE D to pull codes from my ISC8.3. Does anybody have experience in pulling codes and using them to repair a problem. One comment I saw said they could not decode the code. I would like comments from this group on their experiences with this scanner.

Bob U  2000 Dip

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That's a pretty big topic...

Get the code and do a Google Search to see if a match is found to get to an "English" description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

From there, the real diagnostics kicks in to match vehicle, symptoms, DTC, test results together to determine a diagnosis.

A DTC alone is only part of the story.  It doesn't necessarily mean "replace X part".  It means "Something is wrong with X Circuit / System".


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When I bought my rig, the prior owner had a Scanguage D installed. I used it until I decided to replace it with a VMSpec That company has been sold - now I would at the Bluefin (or it’s something like that).

Anyway, yes (the Scanguage) it did help me resolve an engine problem. We just pulled into a little Alaska town and just stopped at the one stop sign. As I pressed on the accelerator the motor didn’t rev up, and I just putted through the intersection and then pulled over. A warning light was on. While trying to figure it out I managed to reset  the TPS (throttle position sensor) by accident. Later I looked at the scan Gauge and saw the error code  it was something like TPS sensor out of calibration. 

I looked up the error code on IRV2 and it told me how to reset the computer and TPS sensor. I realized I had managed to do it by accident. Anyway, I kept having the same issue about every 2,000 or so miles.  I finally replaced the TPS sensor on the accelerator and so far it has not gone off again. (In 600 miles).  I really like seeing the error code - so I have a chance to fix it. 

Also, it gives me actual temperatures on engine, transmission, etc, Hopefully it help me drive my rig better. 

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Yes, a scan tool is invaluable to help diagnose powertrain issues.

I integrated an OBDII scan tool into my RV software (V10 Ford F53).  On very first drive we were about 4 hours out and engine started with low power.  I opened the scan tool software.  No DTCs set yet.  But by looking at the Live Data graphs, realized the MAP wasn't displaying accurate information.

Pulled over to Autozone parking lot.  Took Air filter / MAP canister out.  Filter was soaking wet from the rain.  Went into the parts store, bought new filter, MAP spray cleaner.  Cleaned it out, new filter, cleared the DTC code and went on our merry way.  Without the scan tool, it would have taken some effort to isolate the problem.

When I got home, I replumbed the air intake so it wouldn't ingest water during hard rain again.  Problem solved long term.  Trip was saved.

So, good example that a DTC isn't a bad part messenger.  And that Live graphs are just as important as a DTC, though that takes quite a bit more experience to interpret the meaning of the graph.

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