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rc7 settings

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We have a 2004 Dynasty with a Xantrex inverter using an RC7 remote to input the various settings for the inverter. One of the settings for the inverter is "External Shunt". I think this is only selected if there are 2 inverters.

We are about to install the Victron Smart shunt and just want to make sure we don't need to change the shunt setting on the RC7.

Thanks in advance.

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You  should not need change the shunt setting on you Xantrex Inverter.  I previously had the ,Trace (Xantrex) 3012 with the RC7.  I  left the inverter shunt setting at the default when I installed the Victron BMV712 Smart Battrery monitor which includes a shunt.  It worked fine with the Trace (Xantrex) 3012. 

I just finished a major upgrade of the electrical system on my 2002 Signature by replacing the Trace inverter with the Victron Multiplus II 12/3000 120-50/2 120volt inverter charger along with a Victron VE Bus Smart Dongle, Victron MK3 USB interface, and the Victron Orion 30 amp DC to Dc charger.  I also replaced my lead acid golf cart batteries with 2-300 amp LifeP04 batteries.  It was a big job but well worth the effort.

All The Best,


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