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Exhaust System 2005 Holiday Rambler Navigator

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I am Looking for any information on the original design of the hole exhaust system for a 2005 Holiday Rambler Navigator with a Series 60 Detroit Diesel 515 HP engine.  If you have photos can help or blueprints.

Thanks for the help.

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I replaced my exhaust last year from the turbo back. If your exhaust is covering the drain plug then it has been pulled out of its original position. A little surprised it could have happened as there should be a pretty stout cross brace right in front of it. If your system is still in good shape then a good ratchet strap or load binder can pull it forward back to it’s original position. If it needs replacement I don’t think drawings will be of much help as there are some tricky bends as it comes down from the turbo to avoid the frame and engine. I fabricated mine after ordering a series of bends, tubing and flex pipe from a truck supply house on-line. There is a special flattened section that goes under the engine from the factory. I replaced it with standard round pipe. To me the flattened section just restricted flow and the round pipe is still higher than the crossbrace. All of the system from the turbo to the flex pipe are a welded system and require some decent fabrication and welding skills to pull off a good job. Sorry that I can’t seem to find pics of mine as it would have given you a good idea of the job. 

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On 3/9/2022 at 9:26 PM, MDMiller3 said:

The Exhaust on it now cover the oil pan drain plug.


Another 2005 Exec with the Series 60 here. Mine is very similar to the pictures that Rick N posted and, yes, the pipe runs very close to the oil drain plug. When I tried to replace the plug with a Fumoto valve, it was right up against the exhaust. What a mess.

What I did was add a 3/4” brass pipe thread “street elbow”. The drain plug is 3/4” NPT. I put the elbow in the oil pan hole and then the Fumoto valve into the elbow. This gives a much better angle for flow than even the original plug relative to the exhaust. The new assembly is still higher than the exhaust, so I haven’t had an issue with dragging the Fumoto on low clearances.

I do have a protective cross member near this area, but it is located under the transmission, more towards the front of the chassis than the exhaust. This cross member is definitely the “low point” as I’ve dragged it several times over the years.

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