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Entry keypad beeping

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For months I've been hearing a couple soft beeps in our coach.  The other day I was standing in the step well and heard the beeps coming from the keypad area.  When I pushed the keypad buttons it's the same beep.

Our keypad has never worked although the key fobs work fine.

Wondering if this has had anything to do with the couple of phantom lockouts we've experienced?

Has anyone had this happen to them and should I just unplug the keypad?  I don't want to lose the use of the key fobs.


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It takes 2 conditions for the key pad to work.  The pressure of the finger on the keypad, and the heat from your finger.  

Over time as the keypad is used, the pressure on the button does not release back to it's normal out position.  When that happens, one of the conditions is met.  Then add to that the warm sun on the keypad.  That is the second condition that is met.  

The only fix is to replace the keypad.  Been there and experienced that.

Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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I agree with Chuck! We recently experienced a sudden entry door locking phenomenon during our trip from SLC to Florida. I later discovered that the keypad is only partially functional and needs to be replaced. I now realize why it happened. Luckily, we were INSIDE the coach at the time but now we never leave the coach without taking a door key with us just in case. I won't worry so much once I have the keypad replaced and a set of keys hidden for emergencies.

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We have had our 02 Windsor for 10 years. When we purchased it, we got a key fob in a baggie- it had been crushed. We have just used the key. We are old school and only have one of our 5 vehicles which have a fob. But I was wondering if there is a place to replace the fob or fob/keypad.

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You might try Veurink's RV to see if this would work.

Key Fob Keyless Entry (findmyrvparts.com)

Here are two other places to try. Call them directly to see if they can help you.

Truck & RV Keyless Entry Door Lock | RV Keypad Lock (keylessentrylocks.com)

A1 Electric Online Store: Essex AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry

Here is a link to a member who recently did some modifications to his entry keypad to add a new Key Fob that I thought was very ingenious.

Add Keyless Remote to Existing Essex Keypad - General Discussion - Bill D’s Monacoers


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