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Skylight sealant

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Ted, my skylight was last sealed with Dicor sealant, however, last summer I purchased 50 ft of 6" wide eternabond tape and used that to seal all the roof seams and roof penetrations that require it.  I have used Eternabond for years and it lasts several years, very good product. It does require a good roof cleaning and then clean the areas to be seal with isopropyl alcohol or any other appropriate cleaner before applying the eternabond.  The Eternabond needs to be rolled after installing it, I used a 2" wide steel roller.  I don't expect to ever seal again during my ownership.

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1 hour ago, vito.a said:

Polycarbonate skylights should be sealed with non-petroleum-based sealant.  They recommend SB140.  

Amazon.com: SUREBOND BriRus SB140 Skylight Sealant (SB-140 T White) : Industrial & Scientific

Any petroleum based sealant will cause hairline cracks.  


When I replaced my outer dome I used a heavy bead of Surebond SB140 under the flange, screwed it down just enough to see the sealant spreading, then a strip of Eternabond over top.

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