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Highway US 17 etc from I-85 to I-16

Steve P

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Has anyone out there traveled south on US 17 from Lavonia GA at I-85 to get to I-16 and on to I-95?  RV Trip Wizard shows this a a viable RV route.  One is never sure...  it will be slow and leisurely I'm sure, which is okay.  It may be best to branch off to Hwy 25 at Millen and head south to Statesboro, then out of there on 301/25 to I-16.  I am open to suggestions from someone who has tried this route and can comment on road conditions.  It just seems better than I-85N to I-26, to I-95.

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I'm currently camping near Appling, Ga. I can't speak traveling from Lavonia, Ga. to Washington, Ga. but once you get to Washington it turns into 4 lanes until I20. If it was me I would take I20 east to I520 east to hwy25 south 4 lanes all the way to I16 to I95. They have  huge interchanged construction going on at I95&I16

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