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House 12 volt drops out.

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I have a 2008 camelot 42 DSQ. My issue is when I use a heavy load on the house 12 volt system ( slides, sanicon all 3 fantastic fans on high) the entire house power drops out for 1-3 minutes and then restores. I do not loose chasis 12 volt or any of the 120AC, only house 12 volt DC. I have checked the battery disconnect solenoid and it is OK. Intellitec tech told me I have a loose ground. I did finally find and clean the main grounds to the chassis ( located behind the battery compartment) still have the same issue. Batteries are new. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.  Thanks Doug

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I had a similar issue with randomly losing house power that was difficult to diagnose. It acted like a bad ground but turned out it was the house battery disconnect solenoid, which is a continuous duty solenoid. Once diagnosed and replaced, I cut the top off the old solenoid to see if I could determine the cause. It was corrosion on the plunger. In some positions it would have good contacts while other positions would not.

May not be your issue but with a look.

Good luck!

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