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Thornwave battery monitor

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Any members here using the Thornwave battery monitor and external shunt?

If so 
1. Why do they indicate installing the shunt on the positive side of the battery bank rather than the negative?
2. Are you using the relay capability to control low voltage and over current disconnect?


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I am using the Thornwave. My external shunt is on the negative side of the battery. I am not familiar with the current disconnect ability. I have mine hooked up to measure the house batteries through the shunt and the secondary monitor of the chassis batteries with just voltage. I opted to use the system (recommended by the seller) that is a two piece system. Shunt and Bluetooth module are separate. This allowed me to mount the BT module outside of the steel battery box for better remote monitoring. Their instructions are a bit cryptic but once I hooked it up it JUST WORKS. I am happy with the product.



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