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No power to slideout switches

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2005 HR Ambassador 40 PLQ.  4 electric slides.  Tried to pull slides in and none did anything.  I checked the slide control module, the fuse and circuit breaker were ok and there was power to the module.  Checked breakers in the front bay and the one marked for the slides is OK.   Checked power at the 4 switches at the control center and no power to those switches.  Ignition was off and bay doors all closed.  Any thoughts on where to check for problems?  I went through all the 12v fuses I could find and all tested ok.   

If anyone has a wiring diagram for this model and year I would greatly appreciate it.


Chuck and Dave

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Have you found the Slideout IGN relay, I have on in my front drivers side run bay.

But I believe there is a disable relay on the slide module also.  I shows on my wiring diagrams. 

For all the slides not to work it would indicate something like the disable relay and/or the inhibitor switch for the bay doors. 

I had an inhibitor switch not working right.  Even though the doors were closed I could pull slide in.  Finally just started bypassing the inhibitor switches one by one.  I believe they are all daisy chained.  Not sure if it would prevent the rear slides from working though?

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OK, just move me over into the stupid column.  I found a connector behind the control panel that had become disconnected and fallen down into the cavity so I didn't see it on my initial search for problems.  Snapped it back together and everything works fine now.   

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