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Aqua Hot heater

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On a recent trip in the motor home, on a cold morning turned the furnace mode on in the bedroom the fan made a loud noise and then eventually stopped .  That fan is under the bedroom vanity the fan on the other side of the room still runs fine. The question is is the fan accessible by lifting the shelf under the sink.  2001 executive. Thanks in advance.



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The fans (2) typically just mount to the front of the radiator that might be in the kick board of the cabinet.  So, the work is figuring out how to access it.  Start by taking the grill out and then you should be able to see how the radiator is screwed to the floor/ cabinet.


I would upgrade to a Noctua fan that are super quiet.

Here is a quick google example



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Finally got back to the coach to check on the furnace fans. Pulled up the cabinet bottom to expose the fans.  The question I have is is it normal for both fans to go out simultaneously, or should I be looking for fuse or something else.  

 Thanks Tom


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