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Starting batteries lifespan

96 EVO

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I've just ordered a pair of starting batteries, and now looking at my records, the pair I'll be replacing are 8.5yrs old, and not 9.5 like I thought.

Am I jumping the gun, or is that a decent life for a pair of gr-31 LA starting batteries? 

They start the engine just fine, and spend the majority of their life on float charge.

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I only have one large starting battery. 

Bought my coach in late 2008, not sure how old it was at the time but I had to replace it in 2012.  It actually failed when my wife was driving the rig from TN to Michigan but she was able to use the boost function to start the rig and the alternator was able to maintain charge for driving. 

At the time I was in the UP of MI with limited sources.  Ended up buying one from Car Quest.  It only lasted about 4 years. 

Next one I bought was a Duracell from Battery Plus, it is still going strong at ~6 years.  I see not reason to change until I see some sort of problem. 

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