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Slideout mechanism

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Hey guys,

I have a question about slideouts. My Drivers Rear slideout is too low on one side by a 1/4".  I have a gap at the top seal but for about 8 or 10" from the side. I tried adjusting it today at the slide mechanism bracket and it will raise that side but not enough and it throws the slide trim out of whack with the coach rub rail. It is a raised floor slide and they put a roller on the far right side and about a third of the way from the left side instead of placing it on the left. Tried adjusting the roller on the left but it is so far to the right that it just bows the slide floor. And to what I think the problem is - I noticed that the rail on the slideout mechanism on the left is sitting down onto the side of the coach and the right one is up a 1/4". See the photos Attached. I cannot figure out why it is like this. Does anyone know who the manufacturer of this slide mechanism is (see photo)?


Any insight would be appreciated. I can get more photos those where just the two I took before heading inside for the evening.

Left DR slideout rail.jpg

right DR slideout rail.jpg

DR slideout mechanism.jpg

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Each slide roller set that I have seen may work differently depending on the slide type used. Some have an adjusting screw on the roller, eg our bed slide and that is behind the foam rubber slide seal. That is a tough spot to work in.

Our closet slide adjustment is from below and is in line with the roller track on the bottom of the slide. Look in the basement for the adjustment bolt. One of ours is behind the rear axle in the wheel well. I had been looking for these 2 and only recently found these to fix the height. 

Bottom line, it is a guessing game. Look under the slide seal and see if you find an adjusting screw on the roller assembly. If not, look in the storage bay ceilings if you can see the adjusting bolt. 
Adjusting the bolt under the slide changes height of the slide ad also the rake/pitch of the slide.  Not what you were hoping for (don't ask me how I know). So, keep these adjustments for their design purposes. 

General tips:

Use a jack (floor jack preferred) to raise the slide a little, with a 2x4 positioned under a structural member with the slide partially extended. Do the adjustment, remove the jack, then retract and extend the slide to see if the adjustment was sufficient. If not, repeat.

Do the adjustment in quarter, half or full turns. Meaning take it slow.

Disclaimer, as always, the above is based on my experience and is specific to my coach. 😎

Hope this helps, 


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