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Samsung RF-197 Fridge Defrost Clip & Bare Copper Wire Project


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Luckily, I decided to check the RF-197 in our newly purchased 2006 Dynasty as to whether it had been upgraded or not with the new larger defrost clip before heading out this summer for out Workamping jobs in New Hampshire.

Well as it turns out it still had the very tiny defrost clip which does absolutely nothing and will cause an ice jam buildup at the drain hole. See photos taken of the Samsung RF-197 I had installed in our 2002 Windsor back in 2012. It only took 5-6 months before noticing water accumulating under the crispers with that fridge back then.

Today I just finished that project of upgrading the Samsung RF-197 Fridge in our 2006 Monaco Dynasty to prevent the fridge cooling coils from freezing up with ice. I ordered the new larger size defrost clip from Amazon and purchased a 2-foot section of 12-gauge bare copper wire. I twisted the old small defrost clip off of the heater coil and installed the larger clip in its place. Then I took the bare copper wire and twisted a loop and stuffed it down into the drain hole. The leftover portion at the top was twisted around each side of the heater coil. I now have two defrost methods installed so I should never have any water buildup under the crispers.

Anyone who owns a Samsung RF-197 or for that matter the RF-18 too, if you have been having water accumulating under the crisper bins, chances are you need to do the same. Unless of course you are not using the fridge full-time and turn it off when not used. Then any ice that has built up in that area would be melted away when the fridge is turned off. 

Frozen Drain Area & Small Clip.jpg

New Larger Defrost Clip Installed.jpg

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