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New Shocks Needed

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I'm sure this post will stir debate.
Plan to replace shocks on our 2004 Beaver Monterey Laguna/4 slide this summer - Roadmaster M series Chassis.
What brand shock should I consider, Bilstein currently on RV.
Bilstein or Koni or something else ?
Darrell Terry

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Well, can’t really give any tips, but I’ve decided and have purchased 4 new Bilsteins for my R4R roadmaster chassis.  Planning to install this weekend, will provide my findings if ya want.  
Current ones are pretty rusty and old looking, took one off and I could quite easily compress it and extend it - and it stayed where it was put as well.  
Seeing what I can do to smooth out the ride best I can as I’m taking it to Canada’s east coast this summer; which will be my biggest trip in the Cayman so far.  Excited and a little nervous to say the least. Ha. 

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I just bought Bilstein's for my 2001 Monaco Windsor 34 PBS. The shocks that were on the coach are Monroe's and I am being told that the change will be night and day. I am also getting new airbags and the entire suspension fully greased. Should be smoother and quieter.

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Tuned Bilsteins and new Goodyear bags on my Roadmaster R4R from Source Engineering.  May be hype but it was definitely nigh5 and day.

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I have Source Engineering Bilstein Shocks on my Ambassador. I am very satisfied with the ride and handling. I do have these (4) Bilstein’s for sale if the fit your Coach (see below).  If you are interested I will sell them for $50.00 each plus shipping. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you 



condition: new 
rv type: class A 

Bilstein 24-186582 Series HD Shock Absorber Monaco Knight - 4 available @ $80 each

Brand new. Purchased for our motorhome but too late to return when we realized they were the wrong size. 

Manufacturer: Product Description:

BILSTEIN B6 Performance

If you're looking to enhance the performance of your suspension system, the BILSTEIN B6 Performance series is the best solution to improve your car's ride. With unbelievable control, precise handling, and incredible comfort, you'll soon discover there is, quite literally, nothing like it.

Features and Benefits:

Monotube gas pressure construction
Improved safety and sportiness
Added traction and enhanced stability
Increased durability and performance while maintaining ride comfort
Road-tested and fine-tuned by BILSTEIN for each vehicle specific application
Additional Information:

Part Type: Shock Absorber 
Series: B6 Performance 
Brand: HD - Monaco 
Position: N/A 
Application Notes Summary: N/A 
Invoice Description: MONACO KNIGHT FRONT  



Thank you



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On 4/12/2022 at 10:16 AM, Chuck B 2004 Windsor said:

Call Scott Zimmer at Source Engineering 541-935-0308.  Source has Bilstein Shocks custom made to their specifications for each Roadmaster chassis.  Their shocks a guartenteed for life of the coach for the original owner.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor

X2 what Chuck says in his post. You buy the Best, or PICK from the REST.

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Finally got around to changing out my shocks yesterday and today.  Rears and front passenger side was fairly straight forward.  Had one heck of a time getting the bolt out of the lower drivers side mount.  It was rust welded into the bushing sleeve.  Tried spray, heat, sledge hammer, C-clamps etc. to no avail.  Finally ended up cutting out the shock and rubber and very gingerly grinding the side of the bushing sleeve down with a Milwaukee mini grinder until it was close to the bolt.  What a great tool that is.  

Anyways, took her for a test drive today to compare before and after - the smaller bumps there is a huge difference, almost night and day difference.  My Wife was more excited than I was! 😂 The larger pot holes and bridge gaps were still a pretty hefty thump, however upon returning home after the test drive I checked the ride heights and the rear needs to be raised up 1.5” and the front raised .75”.  Thinking that will help as well with increased travel ability for the airbags.  
The pictures are of the handy grinder I was speaking of, and how I used a large C-clamp to press the lower bolts out of the shock mounts on the other 3 that weren’t too difficult.

I was sure to apply anti seize to the bolts where the bushing rides to prevent that hopefully for the next guy. Lol. 
I went with the Bilsteins,

Heavy Duty Series Front (24-186582)

Heavy Duty Series Rear (24-186599)

Happy Easter everyone!





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