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Campground ownership - Good, Bad & Ugly?

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Anyone on here own a campground or have experience in the past of running one? Or maybe just general opinions whether good idea or bad?

We have been looking for a good campground to purchase for a few years and now are ready to make the plunge. 


Jarred A.

04 HR Nav.

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My parents ran a small resort in N Wisconsin when I was growing up, spent my summers cutting grass, picking up garbage, cleaning cabins etc.  My mom handled the reservations, dad took all of the mechanical type stuff. 

I would guess that the market for existing campgrounds it pretty hot.  Looking at buying a premium campground in a prime location would be pricey but it could be a money making opportunity in the today's market. 

From a business perspective I think it would be important that a campground has a good web presence with reservation system.  The way technology is progressing it might pay to do some checking as to what is out there, new capabilities, cost etc. 

Also, check as to what permitting requirements might be if there is an opportunity to expand.  Sometimes it may look easy until bureaucracy gets in the way!


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We had a 400 site campground from 2000 - 05. I loved it but my wife hated it. It was in the north east on only open from may till September.   Really needed the down time and was able to leave the winter for Florida. Very  profitable, but takes 24/7 work.  PM me if you want to talk about it


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