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Air pressure

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My new to me 01 Monaco Dynadty Jack 38 has 295/75R 22.5 Yokohama tires on it, getting ready for its maiden voyage. My question is the rear tires have 130 lgs of soon them can’t find any thing in th owners manual of this subject. 
thanks in advance.  

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I have same tires on a 2000 Dynasty 36’.

I like to run 

Fronts - 105 psi

Rears - 100 psi

When I first bought the tires the truck stop put all of them at 120psi. The ride was rougher and the steering was not as nice (wandering on the freeways).  It’s better with a bit lower pressure. (Although lately I’ve been climbing the pressure in hopes of getting slightly better mpg).

The proper answer is get the weights on the tires - axel weights are ok - individual tires are best.  Then find the tire manufacturer’s chart for weights and pressure- it can vary by the tire manufacturer. 

How old are the tires? Look for the date on each and every tire - if older than 7 years - replace - it’s not worth the trouble if you have a blowout- costs too much to fix. 

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Below the drivers window should be a placard with rated weights and corresponding pressure.  This is for GVWR front and rear.  That's not real world but gives you a maximum air pressure.

On your maiden voyage stop by a CAT scale (find them on the Pilot, Love's, T/A etc. websites).  Just pull up onto the scale.  Make sure your front and rear axles are on different pads.  There's a talk box you probably can't reach but if you can talk into it and tell them to weigh the coach.  Park the coach, go inside and pick up your weight document.  I forget the cost, but if you're loaded for travel it's a good start.  Set your tire pressures according to the weights.  There are tables that should be on the tire manufacture's website.  Might be hard to find.

- bob

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Always go by your coach weight and the tire manufacturer's pressure requirement. With respect to ride, the biggest difference between tire manufacturer's tires is the sidewall thickness and softness and his suggested pressure takes that into account to give you the smoothest and safety ride. Never use the max cold pressure listed on the side of the tire unless you enjoy the buckboard ride.

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I recently had the same problem and found that the knurled driver that fits over the shaft had split. I found a replacement on Amazon. Make sure of the size of the shaft.

Also make sure all the nuts on the wiper mechanism are tight as this contributed to the problem I had.


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