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2006 monaco holiday rambler drivers side slide has rot on bottom of slide.

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If it isn’t rotted too bad, and it’s mostly just the corners that let go, Guardian Plates from TalinRV seems to be the goto.  I will be installing on my slides as soon as the temperature cooperates.  They were very professional and helpful during the ordering phase, came as a complete kit basically.  

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Mine is at Talin right now for that reason (and others).  They are replacing some of the wood and putting a large plate on this one.  Getting plates all the way around too.  


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I had floor rot in the corners of my flat floor slide on my 2006 Dip. cleaned out the wet wood (about a 4”x4” section) and filled with Bondo wood filler. Then I got Guardian plates from TalinRv.com and installed them myself. Problem solved. 

That’s been 4 years ago and no problems. If you measure yourself, double and triple check your measurements.  (Voice of Experience!)

Just as an FYI… on my previous coach (2002 HR Vacationer), I had the same thing and paid $8k to have the slide pulled and rebuilt.  Repairs to my Dip were a small fraction for the same exact problem. 

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