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King control failing

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1 hour ago, Murray Bloom said:

air throttle info and discussion

Hi, first time posting but have been following the discussions here for awhile. I couldn't find the link I was looking for but below is one that talks about it and the last poster Cry42 has come up with a replacement kit to convert over to air throttle. He doesn't sell everything but does sell the brackets, cable and some other misc. stuff and supplies a very good write with pictures on how to install it. I have bought the kit even though mine is still working for now I want to convert it before it leaves me stranded. 


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1 hour ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

What is air throttle? 

Gary 05 AMB DST

Yeah, me too (curious).  From the irv2 link -


George Weiss;. Several years ago I had the King repaired by a referral from King. . . . . I have been in contact with Steve Boler several times over the years; as recently as November 1 when my King Control failed. Steve has closed down his business due to lack of repair parts. He has shut down his website.

So now, the only solution for a failed KC 2600 is to replace the unit with an air, hydraulic, or cable throttle system.  The KC 2600 was installed in about 6000 mid 1990's motorhomes including 1998 and 1999 Alpines.

I am collecting parts to convert to an air throttle.  Parts are expensive, some are scarce and very hard to find. In the meantime I am using a 40 ft length of parachute cord, small pulley, carabiners, 4 ft section of 1/2 inch Pex to operate the throttle. It works surprisingly well.

Two owners in Texas with failed KC 2600's have developed a kit including brackets and instructions for converting to an air throttle.

If you know any other Alpine, Monaco, Foretravel, or Country Coach owners who have the King Controls 2600 they should be alerted before they have a failure.

I will be posting their information in the Alpine Owners Association Library  <<edit - in irv2 forum>>  if I can figure out how.

Now we know!

- bob


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What is an Air Throttle?

Older coaches with mechanically injected engines, such as the Cummins, C8.3, generally before 1997-98 time frame used air throttles, Bendix was a provider of air throttle systems. The accelerator pedal uses coach air to control an air cylinder which has a cable connection to the fuel injection throttle lever.

Later King Controls came out with a Fly By Wire electronic throttle. After Cummins switched to electronically controlled engines (ISB, ISC, ISL) , the King Control and Air Throttles were obsoleted and King discontinued production. Service for the King Controls was available until about two years ago.  Many Monaco coaches used the King Control, throttle and cruise control, which is no longer supported. When the King Control fails, the best conversion is to an Air Throttle.

The Air Throttle, Bracket Conversion Kit continues to be available.

Travel safe.


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