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Need 2 new toyo m144 steer tires

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Good luck, They are up more than $100 from last year. I paid $443 each last August and now they are $569 from Tires-easy.com


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2 hours ago, Wrayj1 said:

Sorry you're not here in Oregon, just got a quote for 6 M154's,$3493 out the door, new steel stems etc.

M154 does not come in the size needed.  Is M144 the same price?

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9 hours ago, StillRunning_60 said:

I need best places to order 2 Toya 295/80R/22.5 M144. Everyone here locally wants 550 up plus mounting and balance.

I was paying that like 7yrs ago, with balance and mounting.

Don't know what your complaining about! Everything cost's more now!!

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