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FAQ - Display Name

Scotty Hutto

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Many have asked...  “How do I change my Display Name?”

Background: When migrating the user database from Yahoo to Monacoers.org, the conversion program brought across your existing username from Yahoo.  If you didn’t have a username, your email address was substituted for your Display Name.  In a handful of cases, very long or unusual (?) user names were imported.  With over 4,500 names to import, the Moderators were not able to audit every user name.

Unfortunately, the system does not allow a user to change their own user name.  

If you would like to change your user name (Display Name), please send a private message to me (white envelope in the upper right hand corner of the page) and I will change it to you.  There are a few simple rules:

- Must be AT LEAST 6 characters (system rule)

- Cannot be anything obscene, vulgar, or overtly suggestive (Moderator rule).

We are working to allow users to change their own Display Name and hope to have that available in the near future.


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