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Water under driver side window

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Ok looking help and guidance.

I got a 2005 diplomat last fall

I notice wet floor next to the drivers seat

So I bought a cover to get through winter until I could address the roof.

Yesterday removed cover and resealed seams on the roof.

Went inside an the floor is wet? 
Trying to come up with reasons why it would be wet with a cover over the rv?

Roof was not that bad any ideas where to look next?




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Mine was the slide topper sagging and letting water puddle and would become to much water for the slide seal to keep out. Monaco has an issue in the area (lower corner of slides and there was a fix from factory. 

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Had the same problem, mine was also the side window.  I loosened all the screws around the inside frame, re sealed with high quality sealant, tightened screws, no more leaks.  Since then I've gone round all of the windows and made sure that the screws were tight.

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