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2006 monaco holiday rambler driver side. Side sun shade.

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Same happened with both of mine.  
Disassembled it, sprayed some lubricating oil inside the tube and reassembled with increased spring tension.  Been fine since. Very easy to do.   

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I did mine with it pulled down (and unattached from the coach).  Took it apart, oiled up the tube and spring then reassembled it. Just put a bit of tension on it - comparable to what I felt like it was - and cycled it up and down.  I increased the tensions slightly each time, cycling it each time until I was happy with how it retracted.  Then reinstalled to the coach. 
It really is quite simple, you’ll get what I'm saying when you take it apart. 
Good luck!!

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I've got it apart.Is your spring full length mine is only a foot long with a sponge circle on one end hold it centered so when I try to put tension on the spring the whole spring turns.

Thank you for your patience.

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