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Dropped down the roof panel to change or clean the ac filters and found this cloth material over the intake vents. As you can see there are gaps and frankly this design has a lot to be desired. Before  I start brainstorming has anyone come up with a better solution? I was thinking of making a frame of aluminum channel and slide a filter in it. 



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I got the same thing, in a good shape and holding by factory Velcro all around the perimeter. I just hand washed it a couple of times, it's good enough for me and looks like not much of a restriction to air.

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If the hole is 14"x14" you can buy an A/C filter that size. That's what I use. 


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I would recommend that you start by adding an aluminum frame, but use stock that’s wide enough to fully go from the edge of the filter material to maybe 1/2-3/4” inside the ceiling opening. Here’s why:

I have exactly the same issue and haven’t found the best solution yet. What I’ve done so far is try to do the aluminum frame idea on the front unit, but Monaco cut the originals to within 1/4” of the opening, so I ended up with a messy installation. My spacing tried to retain the entire 14x14” ceiling opening, and install have some sagging and gaps over time.

I tried to replace that mat for the center unit with standard blue mesh filtration, but that’s a little too flimsy and sags on its own even with a frame.

For the bedroom, the bordello ceiling panel is wider, and I was able to frame out angle stock for a 16x16” filter, but haven’t yet modified that for slide-in access. I’ve found 14x14” residential-style filters very uncommon in retail locations and didn’t want something I’d have to buy online and then have shipped somewhere while on the road, plus store spares somewhere in the coach, but I can probably work around that.

I’ve seen a couple of examples of box enclosures that have sound deadening designs and use slide-in filters, but this hasn’t reached the top of the priority list yet.

Interested to see other possible solutions, too.

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